smash is a place where

sports, passion and technology meet


One needs to be inspired, to overcome the challenges of everyday life or to find the right partners. Another is developing an innovative technology or service, in which lies new opportunities. So a platform is needed where the missing pieces can fall into place.

At SMASH we inspire and make ideas into reality. One can find something new, while another can move forward. Together we can find something that at present doesn’t even exist. The shackles of everyday life can be stripped off for a moment to indulge in the flow of sport.



For us at SMASH, sport, exercise and well-being is the greatest source of passion and enthusiasm. That is why we are willing to work tirelessly, so that both playing and following sport should always be more fun and more rewarding.

We want to exceed the limits by bringing together the best ideas from sport and technology. The first of its kind in the world, we offer a meeting place where sports, passion and technology will find each other.


SMASH is dedicated to sport, health, technology and start-ups. SMASH is an arena for curiosity, meeting and developing, where new perspectives, ideas and partners are waiting to be found. The arena caters for all sport, from elite sports to keeping fit as well as for spectators. At SMASH we develop sports and technology in an appropriate form of co-operation.


What is Smash

Smash rocked the sports world for the first time on November 29th, 2016 at Kattilahalli in Suvilahti, Helsinki. Altogether, 400 participants from ten different countries participated the event.

In 2017 Smash changed a higher gear. The SMASH participants were represented by 79 startups, 30 investors, and different actors from sports and health genres. Altogether, over 500 participants representing 46 nationalities participated to the two-day event.



In 2018 SMASH headed abroad. The first ever Smash satellite event, SMASH London, was organized in May and "Eyes on China" event in June. The third SMASH Helsinki was held in November with two pitching competitions, international speakers, two launches and first ever SMASH Partners' Day.

In 2019 SMASH went to London for the second time. In Finland, the first SMASH satellite event outside Helsinki was organized in Turku in the eve of Paavo Nurmi Games.

In 2020 SMASH HQ moved to Lahti and the three-year journey of SMASH Lahti started. The first event was titled "How to make Lahti more active" was a huge success. The second event, "How to make Lahti more green" was organized to celebrate Lahti European Green Capital 2021. The event was also the first ever online SMASH event. The second online event, and first hackathon organized by SMASH, was Global Sustainable Sports Hackathon.

At the end of 2021 SMASH is heading abroad again. As a part of SMASH’s new role in Lahti Sport Business Hub, SMASH Tokyo sees the daylight on 9 December 2021.





The miracle isn’t that I finished.
The miracle is that I had
the courage to start.

John Bingham







It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.



SMASH Mill Oy / Board

Pirjo Aalto

chair of the board
+358 50 500 2013

Arto Ahola

CEO, co-founder
+358 400 938 666

Juuso Ilmelä

Head of Sales at Haltian

Olli Ilmolahti

CEO at Finnish Music Hall of Fame

Esa Niemi

Owner at Niemi Palvelut Oy