SMASH changes to a higher gear - It’s time for SMASH 2.0

20 Sep 2018

Haven’t heard from us for a while? Thought we have been just sleeping? No! We have been busy finalizing our strategy for next three years.  

First, we are happy to announce that we have joined forces with Sport Innovation Hub (SIH). SIH’s mission is to bring together 21st century innovations, world class service and customer experiences to be part of sport events. The goal is improve Finnish sport culture’s growth and development as well as helping Finnish sport innovations to make it to the international markets.  

Tommi Kolehmainen, the Founder of SMASH:
- Smash and SIH are sharing the same vision and passion to exceed the limits by bringing together the best ideas from sport, health and technology. Together Smash and SIH have new capabilities to inspire and make ideas into reality. This means that from our arena for curiosity, meeting and developing, where new perspectives, ideas and partners will be found, is new fresh pathway and platform to make opportunities reality.    

As a part of the ongoing process of renewal, the board of SMASH has appointed Juuso Ilmelä as the CEO of SMASH. Juuso has a wide expertise in working with different technologies and industries. As a true sports lover, basketball, ice hockey, football, skiing and golf are close to his heart.  

Juuso Ilmelä, the CEO of SMASH:
- I find this very interesting when it comes to dealing with sports, wellbeing and technology and bringing something new to the industry.  

And there’s more exciting news to come, just wait and see!